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 Sept. 25th Dummy Roping & Mutton Busting

Sept. 27th Team Roping

Oct. 30th  Lord's Supper and Family Fun Day

Heart of Texas Cowboy Church in Waco

Cowboy Church

Our goal is to round up the lost and strayed and lead them to God (Luke 15:4-6) and to help them to grow up to be like Christ (Ephesians 4:15)

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Cowboy Church​...Where friends meet...

Our Cowboy Creed

We believe that while in a saddle or in a truck, that we have an obligation to bring God's Word to those that may be stopping by on their way to work, or roll up with a load of cattle headed to the sale barn. We are a community of believers that take a country cowboy approach by simplifying worship to meet the spiritual needs of our hard at work families. We stand on God's word, we believe His promises, and we love one another.